What is Persian blue salt?

Our 100% natural and dye-free Persian blue salt or rock salt also called Persian salt is one of the rarest and healthiest salts in the world. This special rock salt fascinates the world’s top cuisine of our time with its extraordinary color and special taste.

Persian blue salt originates from what is now northeastern Iran. In the Semnan region, rock salt is mined by hand in an open pit in the local salt desert. At the same time, the temperature exceeds 45¬įC during the day. To date, only one vein has been found, which is why only a few tons can be produced annually. This is also the reason why it is called the blue gold among connoisseurs.

What makes Persian blue salt so special?

Blue salt is one of the oldest types of rock salt in the world. This is how it was formed more than 200 million years ago. At this time, salt crystals formed in the primordial oceans, which were later trapped in the rock. The unique coloration of the salt was caused by a shift in the crystal lattice, which resulted from high tectonic pressure.

This extremely valuable salt is rich in sylvin (potassium) and low in sodium chloride. However, the high proportion of potassium chloride compared to other salts should be particularly noted here, because potassium is a vital mineral for the human body. Thus, it is jointly responsible for maintaining osmotic pressure, electrolyte homeostasis, and acid-base balance. It also plays a significant role in the transmission of nerve impulses. Besides the high potassium chloride content and the low NaCl content, Persian blue salt contains a lot of trace elements such as magnesium, calcium and iron. This special combination makes Persian Blue Salt one of the healthiest rock salts in the world.

How does Persian blue salt taste?

In terms of taste, this special rock salt is characterized by the initially intense salty flavor, which leaves a pleasant spiciness in the aftertaste. It is excellent for use in the preparation of fish and meat, as well as for seasoning and as an eye-catching table salt.

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