Persian Piyarom dates 1kg


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Our Piyarom dates, native to southern Iran, have by far the highest nutritional values of any date variety. It is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, iron, zinc, carbohydrates, protein and other valuable nutrients. The particularly juicy and large Piyarom date is also called king date. It has a very special consistency, despite its bite it is soft inside. This combination makes the Piyarom date so unique. The honey-sweet taste makes them simply irresistible.
The fabulous energy booster is versatile in the kitchen, whether filled with cheese, wrapped in bacon or simply as a snack for in between.
Our Piyarom dates are harvested individually by hand. After harvesting, they are immediately dried. This extends the shelf life and protects the fruit. Afterwards, the delicacies make their way to you.
Also called nature’s caramel, Piyarom date is 100% sugar-free and preservative-free. Please remove the core before eating.

Ingredients per 100g of dates:
Proteins 1,61g
Carbohydrates 63,77g
Fat 0,54g
Sodium 17mg
Calcium 43mg


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