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Persian blue salt 3-6mm with saffron negin refill bag 250g

Discover our high-quality saffron products. Persian saffron is rich in healthy and valuable nutrients. Together they form a stunning combination of flavors. Both products are 100% natural. The salt rock, which can only be mined in Iran, was formed more than 200 million years ago. The unique coloring was created by a shift in the crystal lattice, which came about as a result of high tectonic pressure. This extremely valuable salt is rich in sylvin (potassium) and low in sodium chloride.

In terms of taste, Persian blue salt is characterized by the initially intense salty taste, which leaves a pleasant spiciness in the aftertaste. It is excellent for use in the preparation of fish and meat, as well as for seasoning and as an eye-catcher as table salt.

Components of blue salt:
Calcium 1.040 mg/kg
Magnesium 263 mg/kg
Zinc 2.3 mg/kg
Eisen 18 mg/kg
Jod 0,056 mg/kg
Kaliumchlorid 24,8%
Natriumchlorid 74,8%

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refill bag 3-6mm


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