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Persian Negin Saffron 1000g

We went in search of the best saffron quality for you and, after a long search, found what we were looking for in the far east of Iran. Our orange-red saffron threads are of the highest Negin quality and are used in the kitchens of top chefs worldwide. The laboriously harvested saffron crocuses only bloom between October and November. Each crocus contains only 3 threads. Around 200,000 crocus blossoms are needed for 1kg of saffron. The complex manual work that no machine can do makes saffron the most expensive spice in the world. In order to be able to ensure our unique top quality, we regularly take samples of our saffron threads and assess them according to their quality. The extraordinary taste of saffron is ideal for use with rice and fish dishes, but also for flavoring sauces or refining your favorite dish. Saffron has a very intense taste and should therefore only be added to food in small quantities. So that the food does not become bitter, we recommend that you admit it shortly before the end.

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