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Premium Saffron | 100% natural | 1g saffron threads

⭐Top Quality – Our premium saffron is characterized by its deep red color and intense aroma. The long, unbroken threads have a unique flavor. Our saffron is 100% natural. Furthermore, it is FREE from preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers.
⭐Storage – The world’s most expensive spice should be stored in a reusable container. It should also be protected from sunlight and heat. The unique taste remains unchanged.
⭐Use – Our saffron can be used in many ways in the kitchen. It is typically used for Spanish or oriental cuisine, but saffron also makes desserts such as cakes, ice cream and pastries an aromatic experience.
⭐The red gold – this is what saffron is also called in the vernacular. Saffron not only has health benefits, but also enhances the golden yellow spice in any dish.

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Bei uns finden Sie Blausalz in höchster QualitÀt.

Blausalz mit Safran

Einzigartiges Blausalz mit hochwertigem Safran.


Unsere hochwertigen Safran-Produkte.

refill bag 3-6mm


Unsere Blausalz-NachfĂŒllbeutel.


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